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Sunshine Christine wants you to always look and feel your best but we all know that clothing sometimes comes in generic shapes and sizes and not always in season or in stock.


Sunshine Christine is here to help customize all your fashion needs.


We Customize:

  • Professional work clothes to everyday vacation clothes
  • Fabric or Leather handbags and purses
  • Upcycle your vintage clothing
  • Halloween, cosplay, and time period costumes
  • House décor like curtains, pillows, cushions, duvet covers and shams


Yes, the options are endless, we can design you any shape, style, silhouette of a garment or handbag with the fabric you desire while carefully adding or subtracting details to create a one of a kind garment or bag. Together we can create a fully personalized piece to your liking.


Full custom clothing and handbag can range from $50-$1000. Each garment and handbag are unique and will require different types of materials, embellishments, notions, hardware and construction which can get pretty costly but with our expertise and resourcefulness we will be able to find the right combination to fit within your budget. Or if you prefer you can provide us with the materials to use.


Custom clothing can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to complete depending on materials gathered and complexity of garment. So plan ahead and make sure you give us enough time to complete the job.

Getting a custom handbag or garment made with Sunshine Christine will consist of the following:

  • Free Consultation
  • Initiation of custom order with deposit usually about 40%-60% of total cost depending on materials requested.
  • First fitting
  • (As many fittings to get the garment just right)
  • Final fitting

We look forward to designing something unique for you.

Stop by with your ideas and questions or email us at ideas@sunshinechristine.com